Bak kwa charcuterie board anyone?

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a smoky, savory-sweet piece of bak kwa alongside your bottle of Bordeaux, now you can, with homegrown brand Bee Cheng Hiang set to open their first dine-in concept come Sep 10.

The new 2,000 sq ft Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery, sited at their HQ location of 1359 Serangoon Road, is apparently the fruition of a decade-long dream by the people behind the local foodstuff brand best known for their bak kwas.

At the grillery, you can expect a bistro area with a food menu comprising items inspired and made using their bak kwa. There’re items like Mozzarella Katsu, where bak kwa is breaded and stuffed with cheese before being garnished with mayo freshly made in-house; Gourmet Enoki Roll where bak kwa is used in place of the usual bacon to wrap enoki mushrooms; and DIY Sliders, where coin bak kwa is served on a wooden board alongside caramelized onions, quail eggs and house-made sambal mayo.

If the food sound deliciously good if paired with red wines, you’ll be glad to know that there is indeed wine pairing suggestions for each bak kwa. Go for their recommended label, or browse their walk-in wine cellar for your choice of Bordeaux. There’s Illy coffee and TWG tea available too, if you’re looking for something non-alcoholic. And once you’re done eating and imbibing, check out the BBQ theatre, where you can try your hand at their only in-store charcoal pit. The grillery is also the only Bee Cheng Hiang store to offer pork floss making on-the-spot.

The Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery opens Sep 10 at 1359 Serangoon Rd.