Love the aroma of gin? You can now smell just like it in the shower

No matter how much life has thrown at you, or how bad a day you’re having, we’re not one to promote drinking in the shower. Though a pleasure, it is, afterall, a probable health hazard. But hey, bless the alcohol gods—for the next best thing has now been bestowed upon us.

One of our favourite local distilleries, Compendium, has partnered with homegrown F&B and beauty group Spa Esprit to concoct the new, limited edition, Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel. Bring it to the bath with you, and enjoy soothing notes of torch ginger, juniper and lemon peel as you wash up.

, Love the aroma of gin? You can now smell just like it in the shower

If that sounds like we’re describing an aromatic, botanical spirit, that’s because the shower gel is made using the same ingredients that goes into a bottle of Compendium Rojak Gin. There’s even distillation involved with the torch ginger, and some users say it smells exactly like a gin & tonic. Just don’t try tasting or drinking the gel, as tempting as it is.

And if you’re wondering, the ingredients used do have wellness properties too. The shower gel is detoxifying (as mentioned in the name), helps boost circulation, reduces fluid retention, and also soothes and calms the body.

If the thirst for gin does hit you, know that each box of Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel (250ml; $88) comes inclusive of an actual 250ml bottle of Rojak Gin too—best enjoyed as a G&T after a nice hot shower.

The Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel ($88, inclusive of gin) is available at Beauty Emporium.