You won't be able to tell the difference

Booze fiends, we get it. The whole point of drinking is for the high. Afterall, some of the best stories are conceived during drunk and sordid nights. And even if it's not about getting tipsy, some would argue that alcohol content aid spirits in being better vessels for flavour.

But here to prove otherwise is Lyre's (named after the Lyrebird, that's best known for its ability to mimic sounds), a range of non-alcoholic spirits started in Australia in 2019, now making its way to Singapore's shores in April. Its full range of 13 variants will be retailing at all Marketplace and select Cold Storage outlets.

Unlike other non-alcoholic spirit replacements, no distillation process is undergone in the making of its products. Instead, Lyre's seeks to mimic the taste of our favourite spirits—like gin, whisky and rum, as well as liquors and classic cocktails—through a blending of natural essences and extracts.

Avoiding the step of stripping the alcohol from the liquid after it is done means more flavours remain intact. Lyre's even tries to mimic the mouthfeel of certain spirits, like the burn you get from drinking a whisky neat, through the use of chilli or pepper-based extracts.

One of their bestselling products is the Dry London Spirit. When used as a gin replacement in the making of a classic gin & tonic, the concoction really shines with the right aromatics. The same can be said about its bourbon-like American Malt, and especially its Aperol-mimicking Italian Spritz.

Other variants in Lyre's product line include the simply-named Absinth, rum-like Dark Cane Spirit and the Coffee Originale, that works great as a non-alcoholic coffee liqueur replacement.

Whether you're trying to cut down on your alcohol intake or looking for a way to enjoy cocktails without the aftereffects, Lyre's the latest option for you hitting our shores.

Lyre's' full range of 13 non-alcoholic spirits will be retailing for $59 each at all Marketplace and select Cold Storage outlets from April.