From gin made using green ants and unicorn tears, to a Game of Thrones-inspired whisky and barrel-aged sake

You’re going to a house party (or you’re organizing one) and you need to get a bottle of alcohol for the night. Instead of the common red or white wines (for uncommon beers, read this instead), we present you this list of bottlings that not only taste great, but make for perfect conversation starters too.

Ardbeg Twenty Something

For serious peatheads, the popular Ardbeg 10 probably got you hooked on a whisky that offers a complexity beyond all that smokiness. Well, if you want a real show-off piece, a super limited release of the new Ardbeg Twenty Something (22 Year Old) is being offered at the Ardbeg Embassy here, only for Ardbeg Committee members (join up).
Get it at The Grande Whisky Collection.

Australian Green Ant Gin

There’s a gin revival going on, and leave it to the Australian craft distillers to come up with this peculiar creation. A collaboration between Something Wild and Adelaide Hills Distillery, they’ve used Green Ants native to Australia to produce a gin with vibrant grassy notes, with the ants (you’ll find a few in the bottle) lending whiffs of coriander and lime.
Get it at Artisan Selections.

Fukugao Bourbon Barrel Aged Sake

It’s sake (so it’s not a spirit, we know), but it’s one that has been barrel-aged in bourbon casks from a Japanese whisky distillery. To bring aged sake to a party is to say you know your traditions, but am perfectly comfortable putting a twist on it. This one from Fukugao Brewery will please sake fans, and possibly convert whisky lovers too.
Get it at Temple Cellars.

Moet Ice Imperial

Again, not a spirit, but nothing breaks the ice (pun intended) better than popping open a bottle of bubbly. Beyond the spectacle, this one from Moet & Chandon is also the first Champagne in the world meant to be enjoyed over ice, so it stays chilled for longer without being diluted. Bright and fruity, it also makes for a great first drink.
Get it at Paneco.

Rachelle’s Fireball

Another bottling that isn’t a spirit, Singapore’s very own Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery has released their latest flavour of mead (their Double Kick is still tops in our books), this time, made by fermenting wildflower honey and maple syrup for a sweet and aromatic combo. Serve this to your guests and be prepared to answer the perennial question: “What is mead?”
Get it at Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery.

Singapore Dry Gin

Ahhh, another locally-made goodie. Singapore’s first micro-distillery and bar, the Brass Lion Distillery (which only recently opened), produces bottlings of gin that are so well-balanced some might ask which famed distillery made this. Their first few batches have already sold out, with online sales taking a pause due to overwhelming demand. Your best bet to get one is to go down to the distillery and buy one off their shelves. While you're there, try their other small batch creations such as one made using butterfly pea. 
Get it at Brass Lion Distillery.

White Walker by Johnnie Walker

For Game of Thrones fans, this is a no-brainer to get. But even if you’ve somehow avoided watching the hit HBO series, this limited edition Johnnie Walker whisky is something special. It’s meant to be enjoyed straight from the freezer, especially as you rewatch chilling season eight in anticipation for the final stretch coming in 2019.
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Settlers Yuzu Gin

Most yuzu flavoured anything comes from Japan. But Settlers Spirits have managed to use Australia’s first commercial crop of yuzu and turned it into an amazing bottling at their McLaren Vale distillery. Have this aromatic gin neat or with a cube of ice first, then make a G&T with real slices of yuzu in it for a refreshing concoction.
Get it at Artisan Selections.

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

It's glittery, it's eye-catching and it says "unicorn tears" on the bottle. Irresistable for any Instagram addict to take a photo of, this bottle of juniper-forward liqueur isn't all looks and no flavour. You'll find candied citrusy notes in this liquid, rounded by a spiciness that stands out even when had with tonic. Make an extra sweet G&T out of it, or just have it over ice.
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