Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend with Guinness

An Irish icon and arguably the most widely celebrated holiday in the world, the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities are back. Despite the current global ethos, St. Patrick’s Day and its vibrant energy of all-around fun, laughter, and good times looks set to envelop the upcoming weekends with nothing but outright positivity.

Not to be left out of this Irish holiday is Guinness, another globally acclaimed Irish export. Famed for their smooth and incredibly creamy stout, the internationally celebrated brand will be spearheading our local St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

From exclusive promotions to unique Guinness merchandise, have a jolly good time with your favourite people over fresh pints of Guinness at partner outlets all over the island.


, Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend with Guinness


In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, add a little fun to your outfits with novelty Guinness-branded socks exclusively made as part of this year’s celebration, or customise your very own perfect foam-topped pint of Guinness with personalised texts, images, and even selfies with the one-of-a-kind Guinness STOUTie Machine at selected outlets.

And no St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without a mandatory stop at an Irish watering hole. From 17 – 19 Mar, be sure to partake in the festivities at one of six flagship Irish pubs for an unforgettable weekend! These pubs are of course, Molly Malone, Muddy Murphy’s, The Penny Black, The Drunken Poet, Scruffy Murphy, and The Hidden Pipe.

To kick-start the festivities, click here to redeem $5 off your first pint of Guinness. Don’t forget to dress up in your finest green outfit for the best St. Patrick’s Day memories.


For more information on the full list of participating outlets and St. Patrick’s Day promotions, click here.