Love or hate the final season, hash it out with fellow partygoers

The dust (and ashes) has settled over King’s Landing, Winterfell and the whole Seven Kingdoms. All that’s left to do now is to celebrate, right? And there’s no better way to do so than with fellow fans of Game of Thrones at this upcoming bottomless food and drink party, all for just $80 nett.

Followers of the hit HBO series will truly appreciate the various intricacies offered at The Wanderlust Party: Scotland, happening May 24, the Friday after the final episode of season eight airs. Taking place atop Propeller, the rooftop bar will be transformed into a feasting hall reminiscent of the banquet held at Winterfell after the defeat of the Night King.

Combining the best of Scotland (where Duone Castle, the filming location of Winterfell is) and the GoT universe, the food and drinks available include Theon’s cock-a-leeky (too soon?), a dish inspired by Scotland’s national soup of chicken and leek thickened with barley. Dine also on massive Drogon’s Fire Oysters, comforting Hot Pie's Scot Pies, refreshing Sansa’s Lemon Cakes, and lots more.

Unlimited servings of Monkey Shoulder, McCallan 12 Years and Balvenie 12 Years whiskies await too, as well as Hendrick’s Gin and a homemade mead for those wanting to delve deep into the medieval vibe. Two signature cocktails, the Scottish-themed Date at Aisle of Skye, and the GoT-themed White Walker, will also be available free-flow all night.

Whether you think the final season of Game of Thrones managed to subvert all expectations thoughtfully or ruined it all recklessly, a little bird tells us this will be the place for all your verbal jousting to take place.

The Wanderlust Party: Scotland happens May 24, 7-10pm at Propeller. Tickets cost $80 nett.