Negroni Week 2019 is here to celebrate 100 years since the Negroni was born

Legend has it that a century ago in Florence at Caffe Casoni, bartender Fosco Scarselli created the very first Negroni. How he must feel to know that since then, his recipe has been made into a ubiquitous classic, and the second most widely concocted in the world (the Old Fashioned takes top spot).

It is fitting then for Negroni Week 2019 to be held in celebration of that fateful moment 100 years ago. Happening Jun 24-30, this fifth edition of the event in Singapore will once again be a week where bars here (over 100 this time) will participate in the movement by each offering their own take on the Negroni—all for a good cause too.

, Negroni Week 2019 is here to celebrate 100 years since the Negroni was born
The Final Straw

Bars like The Old Man Singapore (whose mother bar in Hong Kong just won the title of Asia’s Best Bar) will be offering The Final Straw ($22), made from a blend of Campari, sweet vermouth and strawberry redistilled gin. The bar will be donating $1 to Plastic Oceans International for each drink sold.

Meanwhile, the Tippling Club is doing a Sonic Negroni ($24; each sold means $2 donated), using gin with sound waves to create a truly unique cocktail. Other interesting creations include Chihuly Lounge’s Cafe Negroni ($22; each sold means $2 donated to Willing Hearts), made using a blend of coffee beans specially roasted for Negroni Week.

Negroni Week 2019 takes place Jun 24-30 at various bars islandwide. For more info and participating bars, head here.