Finally, another excuse to start crying in the club

Break into your new kicks—and tears, at Cherry Discotheque, as an all-new emo night club series will be coming your way. Titled This is Heartbreak, the emo-themed party will be held on the last Friday of every month, beginning Jun 28.

Helmed by the collective behind This is the 90s, This is Heartbreak is the same group’s latest initiative, which will rival Kilo Lounge’s famed, midweek goth-punk affair Emonightsg. The emo music genre is frequently sidelined to off-peak days in the local nightlife scene; This is Heartbreak endeavours to let the underrepresented genre take centrestage on Friday nights at Cecil Street’s popular hip-hop club, so all the goth kids will have another roof to unite under.

That said, Sharpie on your eyeliner, and ready your 2000s Myspace fashion outfits. Leading the alternative jam session are DJs Thievves of Disco Hue and Clammr, resident DJ at the former LGBT-friendly club, Peaches. Rave your nights away as the DJs will put on classic emo tunes by My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne and Metro Station; emo rap enthusiasts will be able to expect songs from Juice Wrld and the late XXXTentacion.

To top it all off, heartbreaking, cinematic visuals from movies such as Titanic, High School Musical and even Game of Thrones will accompany the emotional hardcore sounds.

Had your heart broken? Leave it all out there on the dance floor.

This is Heartbreak begins Jun 28 at Cherry Discotheque and will be held every last Friday of the month, for the foreseeable future. Other information and funky pictorials of the new party series can be found here.