Somebody call 911

The late 2000s was a cool time for pop music—and for Sean Kingston. In 2007, the Jamaican-American singer (born KiSean Anderson) was only 17 years old, but had already become a household name thanks to the global chart-topping single “Beautiful Girls”. Originally a rapper when he was discovered on Myspace, he’d been groomed to churn out more melodic tracks, and it paid off. From the States to Australia to little ol’ Singapore, people were grooving to the feel-good, slightly controversial, song about breaking up to the point of suicidal tendencies. Two years later, Kingston released the infectious “Fire Burning”, and another dance club favourite was born.

But into the new millennium, the chart-topping powerhouse started slowing down. His 2013 album Back 2 Life had guest tracks from all the right people—T.I., Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj—but never quite took off. A smash hit collaboration with a rising Justin Bieber (“Eenie Meenie”), released as the album’s first single, did more for Bieber than it did Kingston; and was later even removed from Back 2 Life for unknown reasons. A separate 12-track mixtape between Bieber and Kingston was also mysteriously scrapped despite early marketing efforts. As a new wave of pop artists came into the spotlight, Kingston’s star dimmed, with “Letting Go (Dutty Love)” featuring Minaj being one of his last few truly memorable songs.

But it’s 2019, and he’s back. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of his only two hits, the Miami-born recording artist is re-polishing his reputation with a comeback. On Jan 26, Kingston will play an exclusive one-night showcase at Bang Bang Singapore—and hopefully remind you what a force he used to be.

At midnight, rock out to “Beautiful Girls” and “Fire Burning” like it’s 2010; you might even get a sneak listen to some of Kingston’s newer tracks, as he’s been working on a fourth studio album since 2013. While Bang Bang is usually free entry, the showcase has an admission charge of $45 online and at the door. If this is the beginning of Sean Kingston’s well-deserved redemption, we’re stoked it’s happening in Singapore.

Sean Kingston at Bang Bang happens Jan 26 at Bang Bang Singapore. More information here.