60 Seconds with Aldrin

For quite some time now, Aldrin has been tearing up Zouk’s dance floors with his signature ONE night. The man was also recently made an ambassador for the Samsung Ultra Edition phones, further upping his hip ante along the way. We ploughed through the crowd dancing away to his house music and reached the decks for a quick chat with the man while giving our tootsies a rest.
First, what is your one sinful desire?
A massage to end each day—what a luxury that would be.
What is the last lie you’ve told?
Can’t remember… I’ve told too many!
One thing that rocks your world?
People on the dance floor truly enjoying themselves. Priceless!
What are you working on right now?
I’m working on remixes of “Love In New Wave” by local band Electrico. It’s been signed to Italian label Cosmonote Blue, and it will be released internationally in Nov, on 12” single and digital download.
What’s one difficult thing about being a DJ?
Having to promote new music, and yet keeping it entertaining for everyone at the same time.
Tell us about your funkiest dance move!
Top rock-six steps-turtle-windmill-backspin-freeze! That’s my favorite break dance combo move!
OK, complete the sentence, “When I am drunk, I…”
“Get a horrible migraine!”