60 Seconds with Cosmic Gate

What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you as a DJ?
Maybe the massage we got backstage before one of our sets a few years ago.
You spin trance—but what do you personally listen to?
Out of the studio and the clubs we like to listen to lounge stuff mainly, but we are open to nearly any kind of music actually.
Who’s your nightlife hero?
Anyone is a hero who helps to build a night. Started with the security, promoter, people behind the bar, technicians, LJ, DJ, etc. But most important, our biggest nightlife hero is a good crowd—because with a good crowd, nothing is impossible!
Have you ever played to an empty room?
Any DJ would have. Those who deny it must have a bad memory.
What’s your favorite drink?
To stay fit, it is a mix of 50 percent apple juice and 50 percent water. To party, it is vodka, red bull or just a nice old fashioned cold beer.
What extent have your fans gone to to show you their love?
We had some guys in Canada traveling 700 kilometers one way by car just to see us. Unbelievable!
Do you read reviews about yourself?
We do read them, but do not take them too seriously—no matter if they are good or bad. In the end, it is only the opinion of one person.