60 Seconds with DJ Astro & Glyde

Pay a listen to New York blokes Astro & Glyde. This up and coming DJ duo, which is signed to John Digweed’s Bedrock label, serves house beats so dirty, they’re hot, hot, hot! We catch up with Astro for a little banter.
What draws you to DJing?
It’s the feeling on the dance floor. That feeling a group of partygoers share as the music rocks the room attracts us.
Describe your sound in five words.
“Eye of the tiger, biotch!” or “Get the party started yo!”
Who are your influences?
Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed, John Creamer, Tini Tun and Stevie and The Beastie Boys are just a few.
At what speed do you normally work at?
We like to write music at 128 bpm and DJ at about 130 bpm, but it goes up and down, thank God.
Name your top 3 DJs or producers.
Eric Prydz, Angello and Ingrosso, and Tom Novy
What are you guys listening to now?
We are listening to Goldfrapp, Tom Yorke and bad-ass house music.
What are some killjoys in any party?
Technical difficulties and minimal dance snobbery would be it.
What gets you grooving non-stop?
Bass lines and diggity bomb tracks!