60 Seconds with DJ Logistics

DJ Logistics is rapidly becoming one of the more notable deck masters in the UK. He plays drum ’n’ bass so deep, uplifting and soulful that we couldn’t resist grabbing the man for a quick banter.
What kind of audience is the most fun to play to?
One that is open to all styles of drum ’n’ bass. I love being able to play right across the spectrum. It also helps to have a good amount of girls in the club. Far too many drum ’n’ bass nights are full of nerdy guys and that can kill the vibe sometimes.
And what’s one song you wouldn’t be caught dead spinning?
DJ Hazard’s “Hand Grenade (Clipz Remix).” I just can’t seem to get my head around that one particular tune and I don’t know why!
Tell us about your worst gig.
One gig in Slovenia stands out. I was in Slovakia and had to travel across the country. When I reached the border, the car broke down. My flight was late, so I was really pushed for time. When I reached the venue, I played about four records, all of which skipped. The club owner told me I had to stop as they weren’t earning enough at the bar!
What’s the one achievement that you’re most proud of?
Releasing my debut album on Hospital Records was a bit of a milestone. There’s no better feeling than completing a project, especially when it’s something you’re passionate about.
Complete the sentence. “People who get drunk during my set should…”
Get rowdy! Oh, and buy me a drink too!