60 Seconds with Hernán Cattáneo

My first foray into dance music was when… a friend of mine brought house music from Frankie Knuckles back to Buenos Aires. There was no information about dance music in South America but after I heard the first few records, I fell madly in love with the music.

The Argentinean dance music scene is… amazing now. I am very proud to be one of its pioneers in my native state. It was really big a decade ago when Creamfields Festival attracted more that 60,000 people. There are clubs of all sizes and many good DJs. I have to say that the Latin atmosphere attracts a unique crowd.

Frankie Knuckles… is one of the biggest influences in making me the DJ I am today. In the mid 90s, I used to hear him play whenever I was in New York. It was like going to a house music university for me. He had a residency at the Sound Factory bar in Manhattan and I would go very early every night, catch a spot just besides the booth and watch him play for hours on end.

My kind of music… revolves around the sound of house. It goes from deep to progressive and from tech to anything else in between—nothing too fast or too hard.
The thing that changed my life forever was when… I was given the privilege to play alongside Paul Oakenfold on his worldwide tour in 1999. He was the first DJ who became a pop icon, having incorporated live bands in electronic dance music. He was also the one that opened the global doors for the rest of us to follow..

My perfect set is… one that includes a variety of styles, starting slow and building up throughout the night.

2011 is looking… really good! I’ll be heading for a month long holiday in my native state of sunny Buenos Aires and then back to Barcelona (where I live) till February. And after that, I will be playing in many countries all over the world, producing, remixing and working on my record label, Sudbeat.

For my upcoming gig at Zouk… I will start off with deep and housey tracks and build towards more up-tempo stuff. I’ve been really lucky to have played many times there and the crowd knows me very well. There will be a lot of new and exclusive tracks, so I am really looking forward to it. The last time I was supposed to play, the volcanic ash situation kept me grounded, but now nothing will stop me playing at one of the best clubs in the world!
Get an education in house at the Renaissance: The Masters Series with Hernán Cattáneo on Oct 22, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $25-30 includes two drinks.