60 Seconds with Spencer Parker

Spencer Parker concocts underground music so new and fresh that we just couldn’t stop our bodies from moving. We danced to the decks and caught the man for a quick chat.
How would you describe your music in a sentence?
I play upfront, underground electronic house music.
What makes a rocking good track?
Anything that is produced well, sounds interesting and most importantly, make people lose their minds on the dance floor!
What DJs or producers do you like?
I’m a big fan of producers such as Nic Fanciulli, Gabriel Ananda, Ame, Das Glow, Radio Slave, Marcus Worgull and Ripperton. The list could go on forever!
Tell us about your wildest party to date. What happened?
I can never remember what the hell happened during my wild parties!!! My motto is “It was a time I’ll never forget, but can barely remember.”
What are some lessons partying has taught you?
No matter what, get your arse to the airport on time. You can sleep on the plane.
What turns you on?
Mainly answering interview questions like these, so, thanks!
Let us in on a dark, secret desire which no one knows about.
I am 100 percent committed to having more trainers and shoes than Imelda Marcos.
Complete the sentence. “People who can’t dance should…”
“…dance near the DJ booth with me—I’m a terrible dancer so I’ll make you look better!”