60 Seconds with Steve Aoki

If life throws a curveball at me, I’d … pull out my magic wand and shrink small enough to jump on it and ride on top of it. See where it takes me.
If you could go with another DJ name, it would be … Malcolm X.
If I weren’t a superstar DJ, I’d be a … scuba diver, poker player, ping pong professional, and I’d join NASA and travel through space.
The last time I was happy, it was … just a few hours ago.
The last time I was thrashed, it was … after touring 18 shows in 17 dates, 12 countries and 12 festivals July in Europe. But that was awesome.
I’d die in peace if I get to meet … David Servan Schreiber.
When I come back to Singapore, I will … chew gum!
Aoki will rip the dancefloors on Oct 28 at Avalon.