60 Seconds with Tokimonsta

My moniker is made up of … the Korean word “toki,” which means “rabbit,” and “monsta,” which was just a silly way I decided to write “monster.” It originally started off as an instant messenger screen name, but it remained something that I could identify with. A rabbit and a monster are polar opposites, but that describes my music and who I am.

LA’s music scene is … extremely inspiring with so many creative souls expressing themselves in their own unique way. The scene allowed me to express myself musically without feeling obligated to fit in a mold.

With the proliferation of Internet based music sites and blogs … it only takes one click to discover a new sound emerging from anywhere in the world. It’s really an amazing age.

The downfalls of globalized music exist … but I suppose it’s best to accept that music is going to be shared no matter what.  

I first got into music … as a young child when I took piano lessons at the age of six. From there, my passion for music grew and I found a big passion for all things hip hop.

I am definitely influenced … by hip hop producers such as RZA, Dilla, Pete Rock, Dre and trip hop producers such as DJ Krush and DJ Shadow.  However, I listen to a lot of bossa nova, free jazz, soul, 60s prog/pysch rock and electronics, which are very apparent in my music.

I’m extremely excited to be playing in Singapore and you can expect … a lot of leftfield music with a fun and upbeat twist. I love quality music and I love having a great time, so I really try to bring the two together.

Satisfy your discerning musical taste buds at Syndicate 10 presents TOKiMONSTA on Oct 16, 10pm. Home Club, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd. 6538-2928. $15 at the door.