60 Seconds with Vanessa Fernandez

987FM DJ and crooner Vanessa Fernandez is in high demand, alright. Despite trudging full steam ahead with her full-time radio career, Fernandez has also been exercising her vocal chords at local music gigs. Now almost a household name in the Lion City’s mini music industry, Fernandez is getting ready to drop it like it’s hot at this year’s Singapore Grand Prix, where she will be sharing the performance arena with superstars such as Mariah Carey, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert.
The coolest people on the local hip hop & R&B block are … Sixx, ShiggaShay and Mark Bonafide.
I hate … boys who don’t call you back.
I love … boys who call you back.

My best gig … just happened at TAB with The Brown Note. The crowd was good. OK wait, actually it’s a tie with my gig at the Esplanade, where I did a solo show and folks like Alicia Pan and Budak Pantai jammed with me. It was awesome.
My biggest pet peeve on radio is… stupid callers who call in to join the contest and yet still ask me what the prize is. I’m always like, “I don’t want to give the prize to this guy.”
I would kill for … a collaboration with Mark Ronson.
If I had a million dollars … I would a buy a house in Bali with a recording studio and chill there.
I want to visit … New York because everybody keeps talking about how amazing it is.
My worst habit is … smoking.
When I grow up, I want to … share the dinner table with Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, President Barack Obama, Jay-Z and Jake Gyllenhaal, who will be my date. He could also be the dessert.
I am dying to … see Mariah Carey and Raphael Siddiq in person.
Vanessa Fernandez will be performing on Sep 26, 3:30pm. Zone 4 Esplanade Park Stage, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6471-7631. $128 (Zone 4 Walkabout) from www.singaporegp.sg.