Act Yo Age’s Awesomeness Rating

The elusive Australian pair of Pablo Calamari and Shivers are known to wreck dance floors with their raucous and unadulterated sets.
Who’s answering these questions, Pablo Calamari or Shivers?
Shivers, but I am channeling the spirit of Pablo (laughs).
And together you are Act Yo Age.
The name came from a cheeky reference to being “young at heart“ and of course we are both Prince fans! We have been making music together for almost two years; during which we kept a pretty chaotic touring schedule too. The relationship is sound—we are best pals first and foremost—so working together is usually a breeze (laughs).
Both of you have been DJing for almost 15 years now. How did it all start?
For me, it was an early infatuation with the warehouse party and early rave scenes in the UK. That grew into obsessive vinyl collecting (approximately 12,000 records) and then Djing in the mid 90s. It has been—and hopefully will always be—something I love and would probably do for free. Music is a celebration of life.
Having heard your sets, would you consider yourselves genre-benders?
Genres are tough; we tend to defy being boxed into just one sound. For the last year or so we have been pushing house music, but this draws on all other aspects of music too like techno, reggae, hip hop, beats and even world.
Rate your awesomeness from 1 to 5…
I would give us a humble 4 out of 5 awesomeness rating. This is based on the Worldwide Metric Scale of Awesomeness (WMSOA).
Why so?
It’s our rating and we are proud of it. We have earned it!
How has the Australian music industry been treating you?
Overall it has been fantastic, Australia is our home and we have our crew and family here. That said, tastes in Australia tend to be very trend-based and overall the kids like it kind of fluffy.
We’ve heard it said that Australian music listeners should learn to open up in terms of musical taste and acceptance.
Yes, I would agree with that, but a lot of that phenomenon has to do with population size and our generally healthy outdoor lifestyles. We are a relatively small population; we like to party but we are very laidback. In the summer everyone just bums at the beach and in winter everyone finds a partner and hibernates! In our defence, there is a great network of DJs, promoters and clubs around Australia pushing world class sounds and we have a truly epic festival program each year.
You guys are coming back to Home Club for the second time.
Every time we have played in Singapore it has been really wild and we have had a crazy good time! You guys can expect plenty of upfront sounds delivered with our unique style; hopefully a wild party, a new girl pal, a missing tooth, and a serious hangover the next day!

Check out Shivers and Pablo Calamari at The Terrible Twos! with Act Yo Age on Oct 30, 10:30pm. Home Club, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd., 6538-2928. $15-20 inclusive of one drink. Free entry inclusive of a drink for those in costumes. The first five groups of 10 or above will get a bottle of 42 below and one mixer on the house.