All Night Long

First, it was mammoth dance club Ministry of Sound (MoS), which spans 40,000 square feet. And now, Lifebrandz Ltd, who brought us the successful club, is swinging into full gear to launch four new bars and two restaurants at another 40,000 square feet at The Cannery, Clarke Quay by mid-Dec. This is quite a feat, considering that they are all ambitious projects. We will be seeing restaurants Bice and Aurum, and bar chains FashionBar, Kandi Bar and Barfly, and the highly original The Clinic, which is a bar, club and restaurant all rolled into one, inspired by the artworks of controversial Brit artist Damien Hirst. We find out more about these establishments.
The Clinic
This is the brainchild of Lifebrandz’s Executive Director Clement Lee himself, and is based on the shapes of pills taken from Damien Hirst’s series The Stations of the Cross. Every room in the 15,000 square foot space is shaped like a pill, and has chemical names. Comprising two levels, the ground floor is where the main rooms are. Morphine houses the main dance floor, while Cyanide, Sarin and Amino are lounge areas, with different live music elements thrown in, and Anthrax is the main bar. Level two consists of the restaurant Aurum, a private dining room called Phobia and the ladies-only space Delusion.
Explaining The Clinic’s concept, Lee says: “The segmentations and the different rooms will draw different types of personalities who will then create different atmospheres. This will open a whole new dimension to our partying scene as different crowds are channeled to the different areas.”
But more than just that, what is impressive about The Clinic is its unconventional décor and design. Case in point: To have access to the different rooms, punters will have to find well-hidden sensors that are located at the entrances of each room before they can bar hop from one space to the other. This will ultimately create a jam at the doors, but Lee insists that this adds more fun to the party atmosphere. “By virtue of the fact that it’s so unique, clubbers will certainly be drawn to it and discover the club for themselves,” he says.
Indeed, even before The Clinic opens its door, we are intrigued by its edgy concept. Also to look out for here: Original Hirst artworks that will grace the different parts of the club, a secret staircase that leads to the ladies-only room, an area selling exclusive T-shirts and merchandise inspired by Damien Hirst, and an overall “clinical” vibe that runs throughout the club—think bar entrances that are modeled after labs and clinics—so expect to see colorful pills, syringes and test-tubes decorating the club’s main bars. You have been warned.
When it opens its door, this will be where fashion editors, stylists and fashionistas will congregate, sip champagne and pose all night long. Inspired by the TV channel FashionTV, the vibe here is very chi chi and exclusive, and if you can’t tell your LV from your CD (that’s Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, darling), don’t bother coming here. But for those who make the cut, you can expect the décor to be glamorous—think silver, black and white tones that run throughout the establishment, a crystal bar, and lots and lots of champagne cocktails and martinis, including “Sex on the Runway,” the bar’s signature martini comprising green apple liqueur and cinnamon. Ooh la la.
Kandi Bar
Fans of the CD series Hed Kandi will relish in this one. Think kitschy and groovy house music as well as chill out essentials, and what you have is this small, intimate bar that fits 180 punters. This is where it is for small party gatherings that are casual and unpretentious, as the convivial vibe here will certainly get things going. “We see it almost as an inevitable extension of MoS,” explains Lee of the space. “Kandi Bar will be the new sexy chill out destination for anyone who wants an atmosphere with the whole package of good music, drinks and surroundings. In fact, we predict that it’ll be the pre-clubbing meeting place for many as well as the venue to wind-down after a hard night’s clubbing.” You heard the man.
Also a further extension of sorts from MoS, the equally chic bar-restaurant Barfly, aims to draw in a sophisticated crowd. The vibe is sexy and chilled, but with a twist. Punters not only have the opportunity to gyrate at the dance area, they can also dip into the superior bar food, with sushi and seafood being staples. But if you’re feeling a famish, there are also luxuries such as Pacific lobster noodles and seafood ravioli with XO sauce to choose from. Since when did bar food get so decadent, huh? We simply can’t wait.
Located within The Clinic but accessible by a separate entrance, Aurum is strictly for the initiated. The décor is clean and stark, with no tables and chairs. But before you flip over, hear us out. Before dinner time, Aurum poses as a pre-dinner bar. Come dinner time, gold wheelchairs, steel tables and exclusive tableware will be whipped out for an ultimate dining experience. The menu is limited strictly to a degustation menu of 13 courses, specially prepared by Executive Chef Edward Voon and Pac Roncero. Only 60 diners are able to feast at any one night, assuring a quality and absolutely decadent night out.
For something more low key, Italian eatery Bice is a real treat. Think a homey setting reminiscent of a small and intimate Italian bistro that serves yummy and familiar range of pastas and pizzas, and what you get is Bice. We reckon that this is the perfect place to grab some grub before all that partying later on, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive range of starters, mains, and Italian desserts (we hear that its ice mandarin parfait with almond biscuit is absolutely delicious). And with a cellar that stocks 80 old and new world wines, what more can you ask for?