Basement Bars in Singapore

Formerly known as Malt Vault, B28 has relocated from one basement to another nearby at boutique hotel The Club. The swanky spot’s still got a mean range of whiskies, regular jazz performances (its current lineup is unconfirmed at press time, but the piped-in jazz music does the job), an awesome lead bartender in the form of Aubrey Sim and $15 cocktail hour from 6-9pm on Mondays to Fridays. Still one of the best bars around hip Club Street.

This old timer (it’s been around since the mid ’90s, baby) is still a hit among the PMEB crowd working in the heart of town. With three different sections—a wine and whiskey bar, a dance floor and a live music area—there is a lot going on here every night. The bar boasts a decent selection of wines, single malt scotch, cognacs and liqueur, but if live music’s more your thing, check out the energetic sets by international band Shades which performs R&B, soul and authentic Calypso tunes, as well as local band Energy and their teeming contemporary rock tunes every night.
Located below one of our favorite mega clubs Avalon, this slick baby is the top draw if you have loads of cash to blow—you need a minimum spend of $1,500 for a table. It is also home to the Asia’s most expensive cocktail, the Jewel of Pangaea, $32,000 worth of gold-flecked Hennessey brandy, a hickory smoke-infused sugar cube and 1985 vintage Krug champagne, topped with a 1K diamond. Occasional cool gigs are also held here, organized by the people from The Republic Agency, who recently brought in Ibiza’s Matt Caseli.