Best Martini Deals in Singapore


Available Tuesday 6-10pm

Helmed by Austrian mixologist Klaus Leopold, Amuse has concoctions that are both delicious and inspired. Swing by on Tuesday nights, 6-10pm, for their “My Boyfriend Is Out of Town” martini nights. Don’t worry, guys get to enjoy the drinks as well. Expect monthly rotating drinks such as the refreshing spiced apple martini and elderflower martini going for $10++ each. 

Morton’s The Steakhouse

Available Monday-Saturday 5-7pm

This prime steak joint’s MORtini nights are immensely popular so come early. The signature classic martini comes with house blue cheese-stuffed olives in gin or vodka, and the chocolate mortini has melted chocolate swirled into the creamy drink. There’re also the Cosmopolitan, appletini and lycheetini; each will set you back $12.95++. The highlight, however, is the free-flow medium rare filet mignon sandwiches served butler-style which makes this martini deal as good as it gets.

No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar

Available daily 9pm-1am

The good folks at this iconic, relaxed bar actually ring a bell to announce the start of their daily martini promotion. Get two martinis for $16 (usually $14 each) every night—and there are a lot to choose from. We like their lychee and specialty Choya martinis as well as the fiery Bangkok martini, made with their chilli vodka brew.


Available Wednesday 5:30pm-midnight

What’s more apropos than drinking martinis at a 1920s Prohibition era-styled bar? Pounding their $5 martinis—dirty, watermelon and grapefruit varieties as well as other specials—all night long like they’re going out of style. This martini night is only for the ladies getting midweek drinks however. Guys get to enjoy the eye candy.