DJ Alex Kidd on Bursting Blood Vessels & Bootlegs

Labeled as the hard house music scene’s hottest headliner, Manchester born Alex Kidd has been targeted for slots in clubs around the world for his audaciously infectious DJ sets. “It’s cool to hear positive feedback and know that people out there are getting off on the Kidd vibe,” he says. The Kidd experience is a night when inebriated wonks of hovering electronic riffs and double-sped up basslines meet throngs of sweaty fans, who have been faithful to the DJ’s dangerously riotous tunes. “But I don’t let it get me sweating too much myself,” he says.

Yet sweat is one of the obvious tell-tale indications of an Alex Kidd party; as seen on his Kiddfectious world tour which has taken the US, Cyprus, Germany and Australia by storm. Kidd made sure that he marked his territory by throwing the hardest party around wherever he went—at a rate of 140bpm no less. “I think I burst a few blood vessels from jumping up and down with the excitement of it all,” he recalls. “It was a fresh challenge for me to sustain a weekly residency in Cyprus during the week alongside playing festivals in Europe and touring round the world on weekends.” And thus, the seeds of hard house were sown by a DJ who works harder than his sound ever will; with blood, sweat and bass the prince of success.

“I’m going to test the crowd out a little bit and see what styles they are into,” he says of his upcoming gig at Zirca. “I’ll work in some new bootlegs and edits for the set and will probably be using some new technology like controllers and FX units too,” he warns. “I will be fully ready to rock the crowd and take the roof off!”

Catch Alex Kidd go wild with his hard house sounds on Nov 13, 10pm. Zirca, #01-02/05 Blk. C The Cannery, Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd. 6333-4168. $28.