Drinking Diaries (Joy Yap)

Joy Yap, 27
PR Consultant
, Drinking Diaries (Joy Yap)Aug 6, Fri
Woke up at 10am and went for an 18km bike ride and feeling pretty chipper! Headed to Lantern, Fullerton Bay Hotel, for a Belvedere “White” party and me and my crew rocked up in multi-hues of anything but white. I’m with one of my best friends who just moved to Singapore and we caught up over drinks. Guys in white bathrobes and slippers pour us champagne all night.
Aug 13, Fri
It’s the official La Maison VIP opening and there’s an open bar. Had a few Belvedere cocktails and headed upstairs where the DJs were serving up some good tunes. But I am really exhausted tonight, decided to head home to read a book.
Aug 18, Wed
In a hotel in New Delhi, India. Didn’t sleep well, woke up disoriented and tired at 9am and have to get ready for a work conference. Hung out with my 10 all-men team and we hit up a bar in New Delhi to try out some local delicacies. I made it a point to try out the local beer, Kingfisher, and I liked it!
Aug 21, Sat
Feeling extremely tired this morning from traveling and working on that huge pile of laundry. Dread! Headed to Mr. Punch Winebar (which has a fantastic view of the city) and then to Lantern (again). Had two farewells tonight. A friend leaving to Hong Kong (her third and final farewell party) and another friend leaving for England. That just brought the night to a low; I can already imagine the void these friends will leave behind.
Aug 25, Wed
Woke up to a pulsating headache at 3am. Been waking up every hour in a hotel in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. Went to dinner with my Japanese colleagues. Forced to drink shots of Vietnamese wine. It looks potent but has only about 15 percent alcohol content. It tastes like rice wine and goes down smoothly. My colleagues got smashed and started singing and dancing in the restaurant. Boy can they drink! It was around 9pm when I got back to the hotel and passed out absolutely drunk.
Aug 27, Fri
Have a slight headache waking up and feel super dehydrated. In the evening it , Drinking Diaries (Joy Yap)was friend’s company’s second year anniversary and birthday at dbl O. Jagerbombs are the tradition with this bunch. I knocked back a couple and headed off to La Maison for another farewell. I got pretty wasted and got into a verbal bitch fight with a chick at the bar. I’m usually a super happy drunk but tonight I’m an angry drunk since I’m pretty sad that my friend is leaving and I want so much to bust my Muay Thai moves on this girl. Unfortunately she was passive despite my attempts at goading her. I gave up and went upstairs to hold my friend’s hair while she puked in the ashtray.
Total drunk this month:
• 25 glasses of liquor
• 10 shots of liquor
• 6 bottles of beer
• 6 glasses of cocktail
• 5 glasses of champagne
• 4 glass of wine