Drinking Diaries (Robert Kos)

Robert Kos, 24
, Drinking Diaries (Robert Kos)I’m feeling quite good this morning. Had a pleasant Thursday relaxing and caught up with some friends for dinner. I didn’t drink last night because I find that on the weekends, I’ll drink enough for my fill (and liver) for the entire week.

Aug 7, Sat
It was a friend’s brother’s birthday and my friends and I wanted to catch him for a few drinks. Since we avoid Clarke Quay like expired cheese, we negotiated to meet him at Blu Jazz for a while earlier in the night for a quick dinner and to catch some of the music there. The DJs weren’t what we expected but we were enjoying the jazz band. However, come midnight we were ready to move on, and headed to Home Club for what we expected to be some relaxed conversation and a relatively early Saturday night. However, a couple of beers later we started feeling more and more like catching the electro music they would be playing at Butter Factory. Since a friend was with us who hadn’t been to the club before, it seemed like a logical choice and the night ended at a somewhat respectable 3:30am.

Aug 8, Sun
Feeling pretty painful after a heavy night at Butter Factory. Hadn’t intended to drink much or stay out late but the revelry of the night took an unexpected turn. I had intended to go to La Maison tonight and catch some friends spinning on the decks there, but ended up heading to a friend’s place in the early evening for what was a short catch up, since they had needed to fill me in on some recent happenings.

Aug 9, Mon
Woke up feeling like a freight train derailed into my brain but it’s the National Day weekend—and what better way to honor Singapore than being out with the thousands of partygoers hell bent on reverting themselves to complete infantilism via grog. Things started early in the afternoon at Café Del Mar and Tanjong Beach Club and kicked up well into the single digit hours of Tuesday morning. I think I’m feeling more destroyed as a result of a solid day of sun exposure rather than the drinking (though tdrinking dehydrating liquids in the sun isn’t particularly smart either).

Aug 12, Thu
Knocked off work and met some friends down at Camp Pong because (a) playing ping pong is always fun on a weeknight and (b) Camp Pong was hosting a Brazilian news crew who were filming a story on the phenomenon. After a few beverages were passed around, our ping pong naturally improved. It has definitely been a fun week.

Aug 14, Sat
A friend was in town from Spain, so we were showing him around. We had planned to check out 1-Altitude down at Raffles Place, but because he had given his shoes away to a poor kid in Bali the day before and only had a pair of second hand flip flops to wear, we weren’t allowed in. If they understood his altruism it might have been a different story. So we moved on out to Home Club for Beat! Great fun. On that night, the dancefloor was packed and definitely conducive to getting a few drinks down on the floor.

Aug 15, Sun
My friend’s father had left some fantastic Irish whiskey for us. I forget the brand, but it was obviously quite expensive. And went down very smoothly, too.

Aug 27, Fri
I hadn’t meant to drink so much i don’t particularly like drinking outdoors, especially if I’ve been in the sun all day, but a friend joined us after work and brought beers for all of us, so we tucked in.

Aug 28, Sat
Once again, catching up with my friend who has been away the past couple of months and enjoying his fruited rum from Barbados, bizarrely called “Four Square Rum.” I was not too drunk, but it was a very late night because the hours disappeared as we caught up over the last few weeks.

Aug 29, Sun
Had an exhausting skating session (on the ice for two whole hours) so with , Drinking Diaries (Robert Kos)those sore legs, the beers were manna from heaven. It’s a pity that Singapore doesn’t have more casual spots to grab a quick drink after a workout or between social commitments, ala the cafes in Italy or France where people can stop for a quick drink or a more extended one in a relaxed environment. Instead, we made do with beers from 7-Eleven and our own impromptu picnic spot on the wall by the river.
Total drunk this month:
• 34 bottles of beer
• 21 glasses of liquor
• 5 glasses of wine
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