Drinking Diaries (Sarah Ismail)

Sarah Ismail, 21
Promotions Executive
, Drinking Diaries (Sarah Ismail)Aug 6, Fri
Woke up bloated and craving for McDonalds. Still hung-over from Wednesday, I kid you not! The cumulative effect of late night drinking, partying and working at SingFest during those three days. Had dinner at Lucas and drinks at Fabrika, followed by Silk and then Blu Jazz.
Aug 8, Sun
I feel like I need a Redbull and am looking forward to a lazy Sunday. Headed to Azzura in the evening.
Aug 11, Wed
Woke up feeling restless, it’s mid week! Looking forward to Delphic at Zouk. This is a guilt trip week right here! The week has been rough, particularly with work backlogged from SingFest. I keep telling myself that I’m way smarter to avoid mixing drinks, but I do it anyway. Glad I didn’t get smashed.
Aug 13, Fri
I feel like eating toast, I have many morning cravings. But I feel perky. Headed to the following today: The Beam Cellar, Boulevard, Home Club, Esplanade and La Maison. Had many glasses of wine as it was a wine appreciation class and some beers after.
Aug 14, Sat
Woke up at 5pm! The evening is rainy and I am feeling cold and hungry. No hangover, pretty contented. Stayed home today with a round of Rose Wine to accompany my fruit tart.
Aug 15, Sun
I am feeling powerful this morning! Heading off to Marina Bay Sands for a girlfriend’s 21st birthday. So far I had wine, 21 seconds shots of awful vodka and a few rounds of awful mixes.
Aug 17, Tue
I am so tired this morning but still managed to head to Cuscaden and Home Club after work. Why? Because the girlfriend said that I need to drink and eat chicken wings.
Aug 19, Thu
Woke up feeling pretty crazy actually. Was at CM-PB in the evening for a night with the girls. It has been pretty lightweight this week, which is always good right? And it’s the whole shenanigans of the holy month, so most of my friends are not drinking. At this drinking rate, I won’t go fat! Let’s see next week.
Aug 21, Sat
Headed to a girlfriend’s pad at Sixth Avenue for some champagne.
Aug 23, Mon
I am officially sick and on two days medical leave.
Aug 26, Wed
Woke up feeling like a slug but had some beers later on during the day. The week was horrid, being sick and restless. Falling ill is such a chore.
Aug 28, Sat
I am ready and charged but got out of bed with a sore throat. Headed to Zouk for , Drinking Diaries (Sarah Ismail)the closing of Worldwide Festival and also Radio Heineken and had loads of drinks (tough to recall!). It was an amazing party weekend for me. Rest of the week was plain and simple and I discovered ice cream and beer are really not best friends in any circumstance. Ga!
Total drunk this month:
• 39 bottles of beer
• 20 glasses of wine
• 5 glasses of champagne
• 36 glasses of liquor
• 11 shots of liquor
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