Drinking Diaries (Stas Madorski)

Stas Madorski, 23
DJ/Brand Manager
It’s my first day in Tokyo and I’m feeling pretty tired this morning but not too bad., Drinking Diaries (Stas Madorski) Didn’t end up drinking much as my travel companions had some other plans. Waking up sober on a holiday feels stranger than Jay Leno’s chin. I will use this renewed energy to contemplate philosophical issues and seize the day. First night here calls for some sort of celebration/liver damage.
Aug 7, Sat
I slept through the morning. This morning was meant to be Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic and Passion Pit: The three reasons I bought tickets to the Summer Sonic festival here. Instead, I was woken up in our hotel’s lift, passed out, going between floors. Best of all, my friend was dressed in a bear costume the whole time. He (a less experienced drinker) had an even worse morning, throwing up in a Tokyo train whilst people sprinted for the door like they just saw Godzilla. Needless to say, I won’t be repeating this tomorrow; my liver is emotional and I want to catch some of the morning and afternoon bands on day two of the music festival. Had a sake, vodka Coke, over five tequila shots and who knows what else. Shots are a terrible idea. Don’t tell a Japanese rapper you like his tunes, or you’ll end up drinking way too many shots. I was also DJ-ing in Tokyo; the alcohol acts as lube, awesome lube that enables me to feel what the crowd is feeling at a given point in time which enhances the full experience. I also get more courage to try new tunes and unfamiliar genres/mixing techniques.
Aug 8, Sun
Déjà vu; got absolutely wasted again last night. I was still up in the morning (music festival’s first day finished at 5am). I don’t recall this, but apparently I proposed to two Japanese girls on the train, then Russian danced. Missed the acts I wanted to see again at Summer Sonic. Had vodka Cokes. I don’t even like vodka Coke, but somehow there’s no concept of a vodka lemonade here. It was genius marketing; for every drink you buy, you get 50 fake cash-moneys. You can use this moolah to gamble. The top eight gamblers at the end of the night win sexy prizes. I wasn’t planning to drink but this won me over.
Aug 10, Tue
A sharp pain in my brain. Will rest up tonight so that I can do some cultural shit tomorrow. Instead, I headed to a private Ed Banger party at Le Baron de Paris, Tokyo, attended by Busy P, Uffie, Brodisnki, Surkin and Fafi, and had a bottle of Belvedere IX.
Aug 11, Wed
Woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. Well, not really. Headed to a club called Gas Panic and had my drink spiked at the seediest bar in Tokyo. A girl snatched my drink and gave me hers. I stupidly drank a bit from hers, then got my drink back after the exchange. Luckily I didn’t drink much of her drink, but it was enough to put me in a very weird, oddly agreeable state. My friend mentioned that I wasn’t being coherent.
Aug 12, Thu
Neither drank nor ate much today. The week has been crazy and insane. One of the biggest weeks of drinking I’ve had in my life. Even bigger than my penis! I may not remember all of it, but paradoxically, alcohol made it more memorable.
Aug 14, Sat
My mouth tastes like an ashtray, my liver feels like an epileptic hooker and my spleen—don’t even get me started on my spleen! The night started out relatively sober, mainly because I was DJ-ing and it was challenging getting drinks. After my set and a few shots later I was ready to leave with a bunch of people, including a Japanese actress that we’d met, and headed to Le Baron de Paris. As soon as we entered, bottles came flying out and into my mouth. By chance, I ended up DJ-ing at that club, which meant that people started feeding me drinks. We left the club when it was bright and sunny outside.
Aug 21, Sat
It’s the Twelves! Woohoo! The Twelves were killing it at Zouk back in Singapore., Drinking Diaries (Stas Madorski) Obviously, this was accompanied by mass consumption of alcohol. Another contributing factor was the 2-for-1 drink special on jugs.
Total drunk this month:
• 2 bottles of beer
• 1 bottle of wine
• 3 bottles of liquor
• 52 glasses of liquor
• 5 shots of liquor
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