Drinking Diaries

Remember that time last month, when you were carried out of the bar with a facial expression like a strange creature from the depths of the ocean? Or what about last week, when you realized you’d maxed out your credit card on drinks you can’t even pronounce at a joint you swear you’ve never even been to? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We got together five willing individuals of varying gender, age, background, profession and drinking preferences and asked them to jot down what they got up to throughout August. The results? More than a little worrying.
Melvin Kuek, 39
Advertising Manager
, Drinking DiariesAug 6, Fri
Looking forward to catching up with my mates tonight for a bit of mischief and revelry given that it’s a Friday and the start of the National Day long weekend. Happy days! We headed down to KPO just before 6pm to start off the fun and games. It’s nice to see the sun still out and knowing that there’s still an entire night to stumble through. At around 10pm we decided to head down to Zouk’s Wine Bar to round up chapter one of the long weekend.

Aug 9, Mon
I woke up with a slight headache. Guess it’s all starting to catch up a little. I am also feeling a tad crappy thinking about the work day tomorrow. Downed a glass of 100 Plus to replace the lost fluids. Got a call from my friend K and discussed the possibility of meeting up in Shanghai this coming weekend to do his birthday bash at either Mint Club or Muse. Somewhere in the midst of that conversation, we decided that it would be a swell idea to do a KFC and champagne pairing dinner at my place to salute the nation and hopefully catch the fireworks from my, Drinking Diaries balcony.

Aug 11, Wed
Woke up at 7:30pm feeling fresh. Decided that I will head out for a Muay Thai class before that as the restaurant was around the same vicinity. Headed to Botan at Far East Square for my business lunch. Had my usual Chirashi and split two bottles of cold sake with the client. Talking shop is so much easier and more productive under the influence of alcohol.

Aug 17, Tue
A little buzzed still but I am not sure if it’s from the sake or the coffee I had prior to going to bed the night before. It’s going to be a rather trying day managing client meetings and planning the logistics for my buddy’s surprise birthday party at Quarubar tonight. Should be a nice close knit gathering tonight with friends and family, and the surprise was going fine until he saw the mountain of champagne chilling on the table.

Aug 19, Thu
I felt “clean” after the self imposed alcohol ban yesterday (and also from the healthy diet of mainly salads and tuna wraps the entire day). Decided to make plans for a sumptuous Japanese dinner tonight at Mimigar, Gallery Hotel. Obviously a much lighter week compared to the previous one. Apart from the birthday bash, there was no real danger of red lining on the alcohol consumption. I did have a real sake craving this week which I was able to gratify.

Aug 20, Fri
Took a half day in the afternoon to chill and laze about. The birthday boy from Tuesday decided to throw a Thank You Party for all of us party organizers at Wild Oats. Over at the bar, Mitch, who runs the joint, decided to make us all guinea pigs for his new shooter experiments, mixing various potent liquors with sorbets.

Aug 22, Sun
After the alcohol free day yesterday, I woke up early. Some of my buddies decided to pop over in the afternoon to have a couple of beers.

Aug 23, Mon
Got up at 6:30am to attend Muay Thai training to sweat out the alcohol from the past week. Had a couple of Mojitos and a glass of champagne to go with the oysters and fabulous bone marrow risotto at Pierside.

Aug 24, Tue
Second early morning Muay Thai training in succession. Felt super alert and positive after the workout; all set for a good day at the office. Decided to “ta-pow” the crab bee hoon and roast pigeon from Crab Delicacy and spend the night in with a friend. We were a third of the way through before deciding to open a bottle of Veuve to go along with the great food.

Aug 25, Wed
Planning to head down to Zouk tonight to meet some friends. Haven’t been to a Mambo Jambo night in ages and it’d be interesting (and hilarious) to see what’s new in the sign language department. Had five to six whiskey drys, two bottles of Vueve and the same amount of martinis for the ladies at Wine Bar.

Aug 28, Sat
Reminded myself to chill some of the new Vueve that I had bought, before heading out to buy tulang from West Coast Market. We had three bottles of red wine, five bottles of champagne, and free flow of beer through the night. I had about 18 cans of Stella and Carlsberg and there were only two cans left by the end of the night.

Aug 30, Mon
Woke up bright and early and decided to head down to Jalan Tua Kong for some mee pok before work. Was walking towards the carpark when I got a call from one of my clients who was at Nueva Cuba at Customs House; a drink or two wouldn’t hurt I suppose. Had three glasses of mojitos each. Would have stayed but it was starting to drizzle. I did finish off the last can of beer in the fridge when I got home though.

Aug 31, Tue
Yet another action packed day in the office. Was seriously tired. Headed home when a buddy of mine texted and asked if I wanted to pop down to Quarubar on the way home. There was already a bottle of Nikka and wine on the table when I arrived. Had a glass of wine and three whiskeys with water before deciding to call it a night.
Total drunk this month: , Drinking Diaries
• 52 bottles of beer
• 4 bottles of liquor (shared)
• 20 glasses of liquor
• 10 shots of liquor
• 31 bottles of champagne (shared)
• 14 bottles of wine (shared)
• 13 cocktails
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