Going Solo: Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher

The most unique thing about Depeche Mode is that…we have consistently written good songs throughout our career.
The band found success because…we were lucky to form the band when we were very young and lucky to meet Daniel Miller who guided our career through all these years.
The New Romantic movement…only lasted a few years, and the bands involved moved in very different ways.
The biggest highlight of my career was when…we released our first single “Dreaming of Me” in 1981 and our Rosebowl Concert California in 1988.
If I could do it all again, I would…reshoot our early videos as some of them were very embarrassing.
On my DJ sets I play…modern electronic dance music with a touch of retro.
My idea of a perfect set is when…I perform well and the audience are enjoying themselves.
My 2010…finished with our Tour of the Universe and spending quality time with my family.
In 2011 I am going to…continue my DJ-ing and hopefully start a new album with Depeche Mode.
In my upcoming gig at Ku Dé Ta, you can expect…pandemonium.
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