Interview: The Draught Master for Heineken Singapore, Frank Yu

Any tips on pouring the perfect pint?
All five steps (see video below) of the Heineken Star Serve Ritual are extremely important. Among them, the skimming of the beer is often overlooked but it makes a big difference to the taste and texture of the beer.
What are your thoughts on the local beer scene?
It’s booming. When I first started in the industry, I was told that beer has to be drunk with ice and a straw! Nowadays, consumers have increasingly sophisticated and discerning tastes, make it a point to do their own research and want a complete beer experience.
How can bars here improve the way beer is served?
For a start, beers should always be served chilled. When I was in Europe, the bars had chiller pipes or even rooms to chill the beer and that provided a completely different experience in terms of the temperature. While it’s very expensive to maintain the system, I’d really like to see this implemented here.
Is the craft beer movement just a fad?
It’s definitely here to stay. There are some truly excellent selections available in Singapore today. Artisan brewers are pushing the boundaries and the brews are often full of pleasant surprises.
What are some of your favorite beers?
I personally enjoy drinking Japanese beers because of their distinct flavors and sharpness. Occasionally, I love a good pint of nice Irish ale as well.