Interview: Ferry Corsten

How has your year been so far?
It has been great. I just released “Feel It,” which is the first single off my yet to be completed new album. I have been holed up in the studio producing and tweaking the tracks. When I am not in the studio, I am busy with the usual touring, playing in clubs and music festivals around the world.
You just returned from Electric Daisy, one of the most amazing music festivals in the world. Did you make anyone strip?
I don’t recall making anyone strip but I wouldn’t mind if they had thrown their clothes on stage. Jokes aside, it has always been one of my personal favourites to play in because of the great atmosphere and amazing crowd.
Who are your heroes?
There are a lot out there, but the name that comes to my mind now is Carl Cox. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. He is a great guy and still rocking hard after all these years in the industry.
How do you normally approach producing a track?
There many ways as to how I can approach a track. Sometimes a melody pops in my head or gets zoned in with a particular beat or sound.
What can we expect from your upcoming gig at Zouk?
The crowd is in for an awesome night as I will be playing loads of new stuff that I have been working on in the studio. I am so keen to make everyone hot and sweaty and bring down the roof with my mix.
Gear up for a major tranceformation with Ferry Corsten on Jun 18, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $28-33 includes two drinks.