Interview: Justin Michael for Mink

I’m constantly… singing in the shower. Doesn’t everyone?

Being up in the sky… blows my mind.

When I was young, I wanted to… be a magician.

The biggest challenge in spinning a mix is…
making sure no one spills their drinks on me.

I would kill… to have a beer in my Jacuzzi.

I am inspired by… twilight at the beach.

My worst habit is… biting my shirt.

If I were an animal, I’d be a… black panther.

I love it when… people sing along at my performances.

If I had a million dollars… I would buy a house in Singapore.

My biggest pet peeve is… unreliable and dishonest people.

Sexy is… is this a new LMFAO song?

Justin Michael spins August 25 at Mink. $28 includes one drink.