Interview: Max Vangeli

I sing in the shower… all the time!When I’m drunk… I drink some more to balance myself out, and then try not to fall down!Amazing musicians… blow my mind.When I was young, I wanted to be… a professional hockey player.The biggest challenge in spinning a mix is… not to get too drunk and f**k it up.I would kill for… a Grammy.My worst habit is… taking life too seriously.I love… beautiful people.If I had a million dollars… who says I don’t?My biggest pet peeve is… when people tell me what to do.I get bored when… people surrounding my dinner table are whack.I’ve done way too many embarrassing things in my life to remember… but itusually involves me being drunk in some way or another.Any special remixes or exclusives for Zouk punters… I’ll be spinning all the tracks from our brand new album!Max Vangeli will be spinning July 6 at Zouk.