Interview: Seb Fontaine for The Podium Lounge

I sing in the shower… because I have the voice of a nightingale.
If I were an animal, I’d be a… dog.
A good tune… blows my mind.
When I was young, I wanted to… be in a band called “Madness”. It was my dream.
I love… meeting new people in new places.
I am sincerely grateful for… music.
My biggest pet peeve is… people holding up the line at airport security.
Sexy is… the complete opposite of “less is more”.
My worst habit is… that I’m always right. It’s a curse.
I would kill for… time at home.
Seb Fontaine spins at The Podium Lounge on September 21-23. For more on what’s happening at the 2012 F1 Singapore Grand Prix, download our Night Race Guide.