Interview: Spank Rock for the Heineken Green Room 10th Anniversary Party

If I were an animal, I’d be a… bat. Cause they sleep in the day.

I would love to… go skydiving!

The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done is… trying to dance with Rihanna at a Stella McCartney party.

Facebook and Twitter… give me a lot of anxiety.

When I was young, I wanted to… be a painter.

My worst habit is… not answering my phone.

I like it hard… all the time.

When I’m drunk, I tend to… pee on things.

I get turned on… watching people dance.

If I had a million dollars… I’d be really fat.

My biggest pet peeve is… waiting in line.

I am the most creative… when I’m alone.
Spank Rock spins August 10 at the Heineken Green Room 10th Anniversary at Zouk. $25-32 includes two drinks.