Kidkanevil on RBMA and Anime Characters

Most prominent DJs grew up surrounded by some form of music, were you one of those?
I grew up in a musical and creative family so it was just a natural thing (to progress into music) I guess. I was collecting records from about 10 and playing guitar from about 12 and then started DJing and making beats in my teens.
And you also used to draw when you were a kid, was that where your moniker came from?
Yeah, all the time when I was younger and kanevils were these little characters I drew. So it was from that, really.
You’re into Jap anime characters Gally and Keroro Gunso…
I love Gally for her strength, determination, playful innocence, confusion and honesty; she’s just such an amazing character. Keroro because he’s a space frog surrealist…
What about real life heroes?
J Dilla, Timbaland, RZA, Arvo Part, Sufjan Stevens, Toru Takemitsu and A Tribe Called Quest. Why? Because they are all magnificent!
Big hip hop names but what’s hip hop to you?
It’s difficult to say now; it has spread its wings so far and wide. But I think it’s something to do with drums, with the vibe, the DIY energy and a certain mindset.
What do you think of the current music trends?
It’s dope, there’s so much crazy music out right now it’s almost overwhelming. It feels like the beats era or something.
2010 is coming to a close. How was it for you?
RBMA has to be a highlight, it was too amazing. The Modeselektor lecture in particular was some next shit. The Soundwave and Outlook festivals were crazy. Man, it has been an amazing year actually. My album coming out was cool too!
And 2011?
I have a bunch of remixes, an EP with Foreign Beggars and a beat tape made from Raymond Scott samples coming out. I’ve co-produced an album with the group Stateless which drops on Ninja Tune in February.
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