Lindstrøm on Why He’s Not a DJ

“I am not a DJ anymore; I only perform my own music,” says Hans-Peter Lindstrøm without batting an eyelid. His releases are considered as raw as they come, as his unassuming detachment from marketable new trends sees him creating what he wants, whenever he feels like it. As DJs struggle to find their niche by chasing the idea of success, they scurry to create (or remix) that one track that’ll either shoot them to international acclaim or plummet them into the abyss of insignificance. This is clearly not something that concerns Lindstrøm.
Indeed, his refusal to follow the easy route to stardom has seen him become more sought-after than ever in the industry. “I stopped listening to new music when I stopped DJing many years ago,” he says, adding,” I’m just trying to make interesting music. I’m not even sure if it’s topping the charts!”
Take a listen to iconic jazzy number “Granada” or his floor-filling drop “Lovesick” and you will be able to tell what a Lindstrøm tune sounds like. His contemporary disco influence is made up of popping guitar riffs, glittering synths and melodic after-effects, all morphing into a distinctive and unforgettable aural experience—certainly one of the best sets to look out for this weekend at ZoukOut.
Frolic in the sands as Lindstrøm dishes some nu-disco flavor on Dec 11, 8pm at ZoukOut, Siloso Beach, Sentosa. $88 at the door.