Menno De Jong Enroute to Entrance

My year started with… having my wisdom tooth pulled out which wasn’t fun but I had to do it; better now than in the summer!
Now I am taking sometime to… to work on new releases after a year of hectic touring. I’m back on tour at the moment and answering this interview traveling by airplane from Leeds to Skopje.
My musical style is best described as… trance in the broadest sense. I don’t like boxes and feel that music can become most interesting when it’s approached with an open mind.
I think technology is… shaped by our own requirements as we are becoming busier people. The future is “on demand,” and it makes sense. The Internet has paved the way for delivering media instantly to your device of choice.
The most memorable gigs I played were at…Trance Energy in Netherlands, closing for Tiesto at Asta, a legendary nightclub where I was a resident at for many years, and doing my first tours in North America, Asia and Australia.
At my upcoming gig at Zouk, you can expect… energy and flow. I will be telling a story that brings together tracks that I have made with modern dance music, classics and “gems” that have an inexplicable effect on the dance floor.
My last words are… let go.
Let yourself go with Menno De Jong on Mar 19, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $23-28 includes two drinks.