Miami Horror’s Disco Influenced Pop Pyschedelia

We are called Miami Horror because … when I was a kid growing up in Miami in the ’80s I saw a lot of strange things. I also think it is a very visual name; both words subconsciously or consciously have associated visuals.
If we called ourselves San Francisco Comfort it would be … a bit silly. But we are from Melbourne and this joint is … one of the best cities in the world, check it out!
Our music is best described as … disco influenced pop pyschedelia.
But people consider our music … synth pop. I think they are behind the times.
Our debut album, Illumination is … the hardest thing we have ever done.
We say we are influenced by … Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Air, Michael Jackson and Supertramp.
But what we are really influenced by are … photos, stories and movies.
I prefer … life over death.
2010 was … a big year for us in Australia.
2011 is going to be … a big year for us overseas.
2020 is … when we will be back in Babylon and time will start again.
Our gig at Zirca will see … some amazing things from us.
What I want to say right now is … can’t wait!
Miami Horror debuts on Jan 21, 10pm at Zirca, #01-02/05 Blk. C The Cannery, Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd., 6333-4168. $25-28 includes two drinks.