Niche Bars and Clubs


#01-03 Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Rd., 6333-9973
The “in” crowd here consists of stylists, models and more. With four trendy spaces such as the Lilypad and the Courtyard, no wonder this boutique bar is a perennial fave among the hip.

Bellini Room

St James Power Station, 3 Sentosa Gateway, 6270-7676
Older sophisticates will feel right at home here with resident jazz/soul/swing act Dylan Foster and the Bellini Room House Band.

The Clinic

#01-03 Blk. C, River Valley Rd., 6887-3733
Endowed with edgy pill-shaped rooms, each with different atmospheres and music policies, this club also features a secret staircase, hidden sensors, along with edgy Damien Hirst artworks.


#01-02A Blk. C, River Valley Rd., 6887-3733
Silver, black and white tones adorn this FashionTV-inspired bar. Only for the initiated.


13A Dempsey Rd., 6476-2922
Marked by white drapes, clean-cut furniture, swings and candlelights, this is a no-frill bar. Smooth down tempo beats, rare grooves and old school tracks are whipped up for the discriminating.

Kandi Bar

#01-06 Blk. C, River Valley Rd., 6887-3733
It positions itself to pull in fans of the CD series Hed Kandi.

Ministry of Sound

#01-02 Blk. C Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd., 6235-2292
Besides the main dance floor, a slew of smaller rooms can be found at to provide that more personal touch. Think 54 for disco, or Pure, for chic, and the lavish Taittingger Sky Lounge.


St James Power Station, 3 Sentosa Gateway, 6270-7676
If you’re sick of identical karaoke rooms, this is for you. Small private rooms are furnished in different ways, upping their appeal. Be warned though, the minimum spending for each room is $400, but an exclusive time is assured.


St James Power Station, 3 Sentosa Gateway, 6270-7676
This bar has been packing world music fans in since it unlocked its doors. If it’s your birthday, you can get tables at no extra cost for your party too. Simply ring in advance.

Velvet Underground

17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988
You know this one. Veteran Velvet oozes class, with psychedelic posters and original art works by notable such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring adding to its charm.