Night Watch

There’s one. Hey, there’s another. Wait one more! Yes, despite the fierce competition, new bars and clubs are still popping up before our eyes. Being people who pride ourselves on being at the forefront of everything new, fun and exciting, we nobly braved nights of clubbing and drinking to bring you the newest bar babies in town.
Butter It Up
The latest of the slew of clubs spinning hip hop and R&B, The Butter Factory (#01-03 Riverside 48, 48 Robertson Quay, 6333-8243) unlocked its lip-lined doors in March. This babe was first conceived in August 2005 by Celeste Chong, Bobby Luo, Ritz Lim and Tay Eu-yen. These proud parents hope to repackage hip hop in Singapore. Expect to see street culture infused with the bling factor, and hear novel sounds from Asian DJs and MCs.
The Butter Factory is divided into two sectors—The Great Indoors and the Art Bar. Clubbers will feel right at home exploring the various sections of The Great Indoors, which are furnished to resemble different parts of an abode. The sleek bar, for example, is made to look like a cool kitchen, the red glittery Moet & Chandon VIP Lounge like a lavish bedroom, the funky chill-out section a barbecue area, and the dance floor a swimming pool.
After partying boisterously at The Great Indoors, merrymakers can rest their heels at the Art Bar. The décor is more laid back, but still holding true to the fun factor prevalent in the club. Ornamenting the place are bold, colorful and quirky cartoon characters who stared out at us very hard; we’ve never had so much attention. We hear 100 more pairs of cartoon eyes are going to join these characters soon.
Although there are several clubs spinning hip hop and R&B nowadays, The Butter Factory delivers a fresher sound. Besides having local DJs Drem and Mylk at the turntables, Asian turntablists and rap masters will be the focal point when creating the music list of the club. Japanese DJs Tashi, Fujimi and rap assemblage Triforce have already graced the decks, while Hongkong’s DJ Gruv is all set to conjure up some magic come Apr 30.
The music, outrageous décor, and most of all, the fun, set this new party venue apart from the rest. As Celeste chirps, “Where else can you drink beer from a BBQ pit, while having a gnome hold up your ass?”
On The Rocks
This unpretentious watering hole by rock DJ Syvester Henry may look humble, but it definitely packs a mean punch. Nestled away on the third floor of one of the shophouses lining the Singapore River, Chillies (75B Boat Quay, 9689-1154) is a small cozy bar which made its first cry on Apr 7.
The furnishings of Chillies are simple. Lava lamps, black sofas, red pillows with gold trimmings and posters of luminaries such as Chuck Berry and B. B. King craft a chilled-out atmosphere that invite everyone to unwind. We dig the centerpiece of the bar—a large projector which showcases music videos and concert clips. Beer guzzlers may smoke sheesha on the balcony under hanging drapes (which are actually saris belonging to Syvester’s mum). More sporting individuals can challenge one another to darts.
The selling point of this quiet bar is undoubtedly its song list. As Syvester quips, “Besides playing music by local bands, I play music by people who started rock, such as that by The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin. The rock music that the other clubs play is different and more commonplace. They may play stuff by Bon Jovi, for example.”
This is not to suggest that other kinds of music cannot be found at this joint. The last time we were at Chillies, we caught a concert screened from the projector which saw Daniel Powter slamming on piano keys and members of Linkin Park jumping around on stage. Though primarily an old school rock ’n’ roll outlet, Syvester is a friendly guy willing to change the song list to suit the eardrums of different customers.
The crowd at Chillies is fairly diverse. Early hours see bankers and CEOs lounging away, whereas musicians, bartenders and pub staff trickle into the bar in the wee hours to sink their teeth into hot finger-licking chicken wings—the delicious creation of Chef Gerald Tan.
With weekly jam sessions featuring members from bands such as Heritage, Xbred and Ronin in the pipeline, things are going to get rocking hard in this new, modest bar.
In A Class of Their Own
Residing on the former premises of China Jump, Le Baroque (B1-07 Fountain Court, CHIJMES, 30 Victoria St., 6339-6696) is a bar, a restaurant and a dance club all rolled into one. The creation of Linda Tan, Jane Loo, Daniel Tong and Bee C Loh, this gothic party venue has caught the eyes of several expatriates, yuppies and professionals since it unveiled its elegant face.
This dame is sectioned into three parts. There is the landscaped alfresco space, the dance floor and the elevated lounge area. Lavish decadence is the underlying thread beneath its modern, gothic décor and ambience. From classy chandeliers to seductive paintings of Adam and Eve, dazzling gold-tinged walls to the cool main bar, Le Baroque exudes quiet sensuality.
Live acts lovers will dig the electrifying set by The Music Express. This six-piece outfit is fronted by crooners Rudy and Jess, and churns out groovy numbers and contemporary favorites that make you wanna dance, and dance some more.
It’s a wide variety of entertainment options housed snugly under one roof. We recommend you pig out on their sumptuous main courses and desserts, then check out the performance before hitting the alfresco area to chat and down your favorite drinks. We must give the service here a big thumbs up too. Waiters and waitresses hovered near our table the last time we were there—eager to clear our plates and take our orders, and not to eavesdrop on the juicy gossip we were sharing.
For breathtaking panoramic views of the South China Sea, il Lido Lounge Bar (Sentosa Golf Club, 27 Bukit Manis Rd., 6866-1977) is a sure bet. Overlooking the sea, the terrace of this stylish cocktail and wine bar is a hot spot for lovey-dovey couples to catch awe-inspiring sunsets and whisper sweet nothings to each other.
Besides providing stunning views of its surroundings, a pull factor of il Lido Lounge Bar is its plush designer furniture. Sit back, chill out to the cool sounds by X’Ho and appreciate the classic clean-cut contemporary pieces by Phillippe Starck, Arne Jacobssen, Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni.
Nibble traditional Italian finger food from thee restaurant and take your pick from over 400 wine choices. This well-stocked and dynamic cocktail and wine bar is for the sophisticates who wanna chill out to fabulous scenery after slogging away in the office.
Two other enclaves that urbanites will love are housed in the refurbished Red Dot Design Museum, or as it is more popularly known, the old traffic building. One of them, Skin (#01-05 Red Dot Design Museum, 28 Maxwell Rd., 6327-4638), is an exclusive and sexy bar that was conceived after Trevor Guan and Kaz spent hours daydreaming by the beach.
Think glimmering chandeliers, eye-catching ornaments hanging from the ceiling and black embossed wallpaper. The main hall of Skin simply exudes exotic bohemian vibes. Its alfresco area is no less luxurious. Featuring more clear-cut furnishings with some greenery, Skin is definitely a cool place to chill out at before you hit one of those boisterous clubs for a dance.
Expect ear candy to accompany the glamorous décor too. Ambient house music fills the air in the early evening hours before local DJs spin some chill out and soul numbers in the later hours.
Another newbie tucked away at the Red Dot Design Museum is Artery (#01-04 Red Dot Traffic Building, 28 Maxwell Rd., 6327-4820). This bar may be small, but it is quickly packing in drinkers who love its friendly vibes. The innovation of Ho Kee Lam and Ken Koo, Artery is breathing fresh life and blood into our nightlife and fast becoming a hot spot among the creatives.
To instill a sense of openness and to promote interaction among the patrons, the red, lush sofas in Artery are generally aligned in a row. The furnishings are clean with well-defined lines, and the ambience laid back and intimate. As Jess Kong, the manager of Artery says, “We want Artery to be a place where people feel as if they are coming home to their living rooms. It’s a more personal space where people in this table can talk easily to people at the adjacent table.”
There are plans to install plasma TV screens and revamp the outdoor area to
give the place a more edgy feel. Look out for their various upcoming events and promotions too.
So there you have it. The newest clubs and bars in town rocking our local nightlife scene. With the increased options to hang out at, we predict more satisfied souls filled with great drinks, good times and new friends.