Part of the act UNKLE, James Lavelle

James Lavelle is a familiar name in the art and music circles. Part of the act UNKLE and the man behind the Mo’Wax label, he has collaborated with the likes of Thom Yorke, Mide D, Ian Brown and Alice Temple. Recently, he has set up Surrender All, a fashion, art house and record label all rolled into one, and kickstarts it with a series of club nights all over the world. We caught up with the legendary Lavelle for a quick banter.
We heard you’re working on an album. Can you tell us more about that?
It’s done with Chris Goss. There are more live elements and it’s more dynamic than my last two albums. It’s a lot rockier. There’s no official release date or name for it yet. We’re working on it. Maybe it’ll be out in May.
Speaking of Chris Goss, it’s your first time working with him…
Yes, he’s the best. We have very different ideas when it comes to music. But there’s good understanding about what we’re trying to achieve but we’re pushing ourselves into new territories individually, and that’s the exciting part about working with him.
Anyone else you would want to work with in future?
There are lots. People who are just coming up now for example. Erm, I don’t want to be specific. But there are lots of people I would love to work with.
Alright. About your Surrender All club nights. What’s the concept behind them?
They’ll feature the kind of records which tend to be quite eclectic. The mood is reflective on where and how I’ve been playing for the last few years. And the stuff is quite dark too. I’ll be heading to Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Korea after Singapore. Before this, I was in Berlin, America and England. The response has been pretty good.
Cool. Can you sum up in one sentence what about your label Surrender All is about?
It’s about my music, my independence and my control.
Last question. How are you like when you’re drunk?
It depends on how drunk I am. Haha. Sometimes I can… I tend to go a bit crazy. But I’m a happy drunk, not a sad drunk or angry drunk!