Richard Durand Keeps Us Wide Awake

How’s your year been so far?
It’s been a good start to the year, thanks. I finished off my Wide Awake artist album and started the year with some great shows in Europe and North America.
What are you currently busy with?
The Wide Awake album tour is now starting and I’m doing dates worldwide, plus I’ve just started work on the track selection for In Search Of Sunrise 9 which is due for release later this year. Your first full album release Wide Awake is making waves.
How did you put it together?
Very nicely! When I started with the production I told myself “I’m only going to make tracks that I like and will not look to make just “trance” or “house” or any one style. The title track featuring Ellie Lawseon is getting charted worldwide.
What can you tell us about that collaboration?
Good vocals are very important to make a track crossover. Amazingly I’ve still to meet Ellie in person—we made the track by e-mail sending samples back and forth!
How do you approach production work? Any special rituals?
Only one! I need to feel good; then I can produce anywhere, whether be it at home, studio, in an airport or hotel, or even in a plane.
Tell us more about your podcast, “In Search of Sunrise Radio.”
This is something I’m very proud of. It’s on a growing number of FM stations around the world and on AH.FM every Friday. And of course it’s available as a Podcast on iTunes.
Define your kind of trance.
Melodic, energetic and for dancing to!
What do you think of the trance scene right now?
It’s maybe not as big as house at the moment but with good music coming through trance will last forever.
Which was your most memorable gig and why?
I think Sensation in Melbourne during NYE 2009. Playing to 50,000 people was a very special experience!
You’ll be spinning in Azzura, Singapore; what can we expect?
I’ll do what I always do—make you dance!
Catch Richard Durand at his Wide Awake Album Tour on Mar 12, 6pm. Azzura, 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, 6270-8003. $30 includes one drink.