Rocking the Boat

Even as the club and bar scene hots up like never before, a new option has sailed in to tempt partymakers looking for new territory, boats. Gentle sea breezes, gorgeous sunsets and the tranquility of the ocean are definitely a lure. If you want to take off and organize a party on the high seas, check out these boats. There’s something for the mild and the wild and the super rich.
For the Mild
If you’re a party cynic who is sick of garish lights, smoky pubs and having to shout above earsplitting music, take a peek at these boats. These leisure crafts are small and comfy, making them ideal for casual and intimate get-togethers with a few buddies or family members. Accompanied by qualified skippers and professional crew, your party is certain to go smoothly.
Privately owned yachts such as Rising Tide, N’Joy and Bella Rose are available for charter from SAF Yacht Club (110 Tanah Merah Coast Rd., 6389-3750), and they are definitely worth checking out. Rising Tide is an 80-foot yacht that can carry up to 20 passengers, whereas N’ Joy and Bella Rose are 36 feet and can take up to 10 persons. These cozy boats sail to destinations such as Sentosa and the southern islands of Singapore.
Boats, Boats and Boats Services (33 Tuas Rd., 6861-6965/6861-5377) has a 48-foot motor cruiser Dreams that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. Make full use of its karaoke facilities and sing to your heart’s content. Urbanites who can’t survive without their daily dose of television programs will be glad to know that Dreams’ luxurious lounge area hosts a television and a VCD player. We recommend you watch Titanic and croon to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” just for kicks.
Sporting two barbeque pits and a spacious sun deck, Dreams allows bikini babes to get a tan and worry about their figures while the rest gorge themselves with tasty hotdogs, chicken wings and prawns. Sip wine, fish, and chill out to the sunset while the boat sails to Johore Straits or to one of Singapore’s offshore islands such as Pulau Hantu, Sisters’ Island and Kusu Island. Customized programs and cruises are available too. Bring your own alcohol.
For the Wild
If quiet barbeques and soothing music bore you to sleep, and you prefer some insane merrymaking, check out these ships. Packed with lots of facilities, these mean leisure crafts are perfect for throwing some wet and wild parties.
Fantasy, Harbour Queen and the Chinese junk boat are three popular ships that you can charter from Singapore River Cruise (#15-06 High Street Centre,
1 North Bridge Rd., 6336-6111/6336-6119). Accompanied by three lounges and a fully equipped galley, the 95-foot yacht Fantasy can accommodate up to 60 guests. Individuals seeking that adrenalin rush can check out its sea sport, diving and fishing equipment.
About 100 passengers can indulge in some crazy revelry on board the 118-foot Harbour Queen. Besides the usual karaoke facilities, this ship also has a dance floor for party goers, and it has seen some wild partying action, like the two parties The Butter Factory organized in September and December last year.
If you are intending to organize some thrilling performances to entertain your guests, the Chinese junk boat will do the trick. This exotic boat that can hold up to 130 people is blessed with a small stage for strollers lusting for a little fame. Customize your own party with the different menus that Singapore River Cruise offers. From Japanese food to Thai cuisine, there is something to satisfy every discerning taste bud. Different activities such as mahjong sessions, card games and foam parties can be arranged too.
For a really extravagant party, sail with Silolona (#04-03 Wilmer House, 1 Thomas Walk, 6887-4337). This lavish traditional teak sailing ship built recently in Borneo travels along the ancient spice routes. From December to March, it travels to Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, whereas April to November, Silolona goes to Indonesia. Diving, snorkeling, fishing and cultural trips can be arranged. Pretend you are one of the old merchants searching for spices and indulge in some luxurious old world romance.
Star Cruises (#11-08 Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd., 6223-0002) isn’t chartering out any ship for raves, but we thought every clubber should look out for its coming cruise parties. If its previous cruise parties are anything to go by, its upcoming parties should be hot. Sizzling live acts Electrico, Astreal and Surreal rocked the enormous SuperStar Virgo in a series of two-night cruise parties last October. Top notch local and international jocks such as Chris Ho, Akira, Don, Ashidiq, Leonard T and Fono also graced its decks and played lush and sensational tunes that kept the dance floor moving all night.
Besides great music, there was eye candy for the fashionistas too at last year’s parties. Groovy clubbing gear by TopShop and Oppt was paraded in a fashion show that received lots of thumbs ups. Star Cruises also arranged for massage services for clubbers on board to sooth their tired muscles before they hit the dance floor again. Armed with a swimming pool, a library, gyms, Jacuzzis and restaurants boasting different cuisines, this 2,000-passenger monster is impressive. The parties that it will host this year look set to be no less spectacular.
Partying is no longer just the terrain of clubs, pubs and bars. With the increase in party goers taking to the seas, our nightlife can only get more exciting.