Sander van Doorn on The Electronic Music Scene

The rising stature of trance music can be attributed to the number of quality DJs emerging specifically from the land of the Dutch. From Armin van Buuren to Tiesto, Sander van Doorn sits on the same pedestal as these legendary greats. His debut on DJ Mag’s industry-respected Top 100 DJ poll at number 13 in 2008 and number 10 in 2009 has showcased his undeniable progression.

Both his recent release of “Hymn 2.0” under his other moniker Purple Haze and his track “Intro (XX Booty Mix)” have been receiving heavy plays on dance floors all over the world. “I am just happy that people like my music,” he says. But as much as van Doorn’s name is well known over in Europe, he feels that cracking the States is a different challenge, since it is still maturing in its acceptance of dance music. “The US is such a huge place and has its own musical culture like hip hop and country that dominates the airways,” he states. “It is growing all the time though and with festivals like EDC, Ultra, Electric Zoo and the Miami Music Conference, there are signs that the US is really starting to embrace electronic music, especially on the coasts and in the cities.”

As trance and electronic dance music has gained more fans over the years, it has inspired a great number of music lovers to take up DJing too. “Take your time and get your music and mixdowns up to a high standard before you start contacting other DJs and producers,” says the Dutch maestro. “If you do this, they will take you more seriously and you will have a much bigger impact on the industry releasing top quality tunes from the beginning. Quality over quantity—always!”

Prepare yourself for a quality set as Sander van Doorn drops it on Nov 27, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St. 6738-2988. $28-33 includes two drinks.