Singapore Bars that Serve Hot Toddies

Blue Blazer at Nektar

Known for its unique ability to sooth a sore throat, this classic is made with clover honey, lemon rind, hot water and Frapin cognac. The cognac and lemon water are heated separately. Then, the spirit is lit on fire and the contents of both cups are poured back and forth (kind of like teh tarik). It’s a real wowzer of a process to see in action: a long blue flame blazes through the air (hence, the name).

Hot Buttered Rum at Astor bar

This luxurious recipe comprises dark Guatemalan Ron Zacapa 23 year rum—made from only first-press virgin sugar cane—brown sugar, water and a nub of butter steamed together and topped with cinnamon. The spicy creamy concoction is poured into a large huggable latte mug for maximum comfort value. Order it quick as it’s only available through the end of December.

Mulled Wine at Magma German Wine Bistro & Shop

It takes only a whiff of the deep burgundy Christmas staple, redolent of cinnamon and cloves, to lift the spirits. Magma’s is a particularly cheery mix of apple chunks, the house mix of German red wine, and fruit wine imported from western town Wetter (it’s a specialty there). Served in a petite 200ml clear glass, we appreciate how the focus here’s quality not quantity.