Singapore Bars that Serve Spicy Drinks

Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar

Order: Chili-infused Vodka, $13

One for the purists among us, this spirit is made in-house with Russian Standard vodka, chili padi (fiery seeds and all), black peppercorns and raw garlic, which is left to infuse for at least two weeks. It’s clear and innocent-looking but surprisingly potent.


Order: The Mini Mary, $26 for a pair of shots

A condensed version of the classic Bloody Mary, this concoction is served in pairs—because no one should ever have to do shots alone. The concept’s simple: douse Absolut vodka with Tabasco sauce and serve a fresh cherry tomato alongside. Pop the little orb in your mouth after for a fresh burst of flavor; it’s a great chaser.

The Still Bar

Order: Thin Red Line. $14

This shooter of Smirnoff vodka and Vaccari sambuca straddling a layer of Tabasco sauce is not only pretty, it’s also really well-balanced. The sweet herbal anise liquor tames the spice of the hot and sour sauce so it all goes down smoothly.