Spice Up Your Life

Matsuura Tongarashi Umeshu
You wouldn’t expect it, but this fragrant chili wine has quite some heat to it. If you’re a fan of the sweet and spicy combo, this is just the ticket. Our suggestion? Have it on the rocks or with soda water; it’s much too sweet to have on its own. $10 per glass, $68 for a 720ml bottle at Ippudo TAO.
Chili-infused Vodka
How to make Buyan’s chili vodka: First, get an entire bottle of Russian Standard vodka. Next, chop up 300 grams of red chilies and add it to the vodka, seeds and all. Then, throw in a generous handful of black peppercorns and raw garlic, and leave to infuse for at least two weeks (the longer the better, of course). The result is a clear, innocent-looking spirit that’s surprisingly potent. $13 per shot, $240 for a 1 liter bottle at Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar.
This concoction of plata (silver) tequila with diced onion, habaneros, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce is really just a vamped and amped up version of an old favorite, the Bloody Mary. Tempered with orange juice, it’s tart and refreshing, with a real kick. $12.50 at Senor Taco.