Three Cocktails You Should Try this Chinese New Year

Lunar Harmony

Lotus seeds represent prosperity and this rich little number uses them to great effect: House-made lotus seed paste and egg yolk are given a good shake and then mixed with vanilla gomme syrup, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve whiskey and Chinese five spice powder for a real creamy concoction. It’s only available from February 1-28, so sip it up quick.

$24 at Néktar.

Mandarin Mojito

The words for “mandarin orange” and “gold” sound alike in Cantonese, making the fruit a celebration essential. Get your dose of citrus with this zippy take on the classic mojito, which substitutes Absolut Mandarin Vodka for the usual rum. Brown sugar, orange, lemon and lime slices are muddled in a highball glass and then topped with mint, the vodka, orange juice, ginger beer and plenty of crushed ice.

$24 at Axis Bar & Lounge.

Oo La La

Bittersweet and refreshing, this caffeinated tipple starts with gin that’s infused with oolong ginseng tea (by Swiss company Tekoe). The spirit is shaken with Campari, sweet vermouth and lemon juice. Served in a martini glass, the deep vermilion creation’s just the right shade for Chinese New Year—red’s an auspicious color.

$22 from Da Paolo Bistro Bar.