Top 10 DJs of 2010

, Top 10 DJs of 2010Aldrin, Independent
The globetrotting DJ/Producer have been planting Singapore’s dance music seeds on the map with his hard-work and dedication to his craft. 2010 saw him dropping his distinctive “Aldrin sound” of meticulously crafted tunes across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, as well as his signature ONE nights at Zouk, where it all began.

DEC2010ONEDERLUST by onewithmusic
Cherry Chan, Syndicate, Top 10 DJs of 2010
Singapore’s representative for the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy in London has sure made us proud with her instinctive selection of glitchy beats and trippy dub; making her role model of sorts of a quality local DJ who can be heard in joints like Home Club and La Maison.
Eclipse, Zouk
Only 23 years old this year, the newest resident to Zouk’s youthful playground Phuture, Ivan Chia aka Eclipse has been holding the fort with his signature mash up style of hip hop, electro, house and funk; and dropping them like they never went old.
, Top 10 DJs of 2010
Effen, Symmetry
Considered one of Singapore’s finest Trance DJ/Producer, Effen has been making a name for himself having organized jaw-popping trance events bringing in the likes of Martin Roth, Alex M.O.R.P.H, John O’Callaghan, Myon & Shane 54 and MaRLo. His personal set of techy laced trance is not for the faint hearted.
EJ Missy, electrocaine , Top 10 DJs of 2010
No stranger to the local techno scene, EJ Missy can be spotted at top local clubs dishing some seminal and rare choons through her carefully laid selections. Leading the progression of techno via her monthly Loop nights last year and garnering a larger group of fans, 2011 looks like a sure-fire year for her.

ej missy – live at home club (loop 3) – 4/11/2010 by ej missy
Funk Bast*rd, Cosa Nostra
One half of Cosa Nostra, Funk Bast*rd together with saxophonist, Kaye have been making heads bop and feet shuffle with his delicious funk, afro, bossa and samba inspired tunes. From playing to a half-naked beach crowd at Tanjong Beach Club or heating up dance floors at the swanky off-beat club La Maison, Funk Bast*rd is the shit.
Godwin Pereira, Ku De Ta
The Godfather of Singapore’s electronic dance music doesn’t like to be labeled as that. He is as humble and down to earth as they come but looking at his credentials, Godwin has definitely led Singapore’s nightlife in more ways than one. Having lend his musical expertise to Centro, Ministry of Sound, Ying Yang and Stereolab; Godwin now dishes his musical take at Ku De Ta.
, Top 10 DJs of 2010Has, Rawjak
The poster boy of our local dance circuit, 2010 has seen Has either releasing tracks through his imprint Rawjak, musically directing the soundscape of White Rabbit, Tanjong Beach Club and Overeasy or lecturing future jocks the finer ways of being a good jock. Whatever he touches turns into dance music gold, a currency that will see him being even more prominent in 2011.

Rub A Dub by has
Inquisitive, Zirca
Whether it’s wobbly Dutch house, dirty electro or mash ups, the bad boy of the decks have seen his theme nights at Zirca attended like it was a holy mass but with bass instead.
JNR, Zouk
The new face of Zouk’s discerning taste of quality dance music, JNR has taken charge of Velvet Underground’s console and slapping the dance floor with his rare disco, afro and house gems.